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    Community Project: Translating the Library?

    Thread Starter: dusty

    So, I'm initiating a bit of an endeavor here. Would anyone be willing to help with translating the Library? So far it's only written in English, my language. I would like to see it translated at least to the other main languages for Jedi Academy, German, French, and Spanish. Perhaps Russian too? ...

    Last Post By: Jango40 Today, 17:34 Go to last post

    Hide everything except HUD.

    Thread Starter: Pluspy

    It's long been a bother for me that whenever I record a demo and play it back, I'm unable to remove the deathnotice text in the upper left corner along with 'you killed player X'. Same if you record a demo of someone and it says Spectating Player Y right smack in the middle of the screen. I would...

    Last Post By: Chaos the Chaotic Today, 17:27 Go to last post

    MB2 Duels #9

    Thread Starter: Pluspy

    Hey guys, I wanted to release a new video asap, so these are some early V1 duels! More to come for sure, but finding time to upload is hard (Because of my horrible internet). In any case, I hope you enjoy. I also plan on making some guide videos on basic things you need to learn to be able to...

    Last Post By: The Swashbuckler Today, 17:15 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: Ford

    My latest obsession. Any other enthusiasts out there? I recently learned from a friend who is into quadcopters that it is actually a pretty affordable and accessible hobby now. Here is my first quad: It's pretty much the cheapest smallest quad on the market, but it is very...

    Last Post By: Jorge-Fonseca Today, 17:15 Go to last post

    hello I'm back :)

    Thread Starter: Urlu

    Hey guys, after about 4years i got back to this game and surprisenly still enjoy it haha, i was a former tnt/elite/dc member and hope some of you guys have time for a quick chat if your still out there. My steam is Uraldu(the one with the yellow icon, not black(or just send me a pm)). See ya on...

    Last Post By: The Swashbuckler Today, 17:11 Go to last post
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    Your MB2 Role model?

    Thread Starter: Marku

    Who do you look up to in the MB2 Community? Cool?, funny? , or maybe just good at kicking ass?? For me, i have to say Nova, he 's amazing at dealing with multiple gunners and is also a great saberist, he really motivated me to be a better jedi and i think ive learnt alot from his style of play....

    Last Post By: Dwarf Today, 16:59 Go to last post

    Moviebattles II: Version 1.0 released!

    Thread Starter: Sxx

    V1 Released! Moviebattles V1.0 has been released. After over a year of development, we're glad to present a new build with both new features and changes to existing ones. This is a "clean build". You will need to uninstall MBII before you can update to V1. Please see this post for...

    Last Post By: Sid Yesterday, 18:37 Go to last post

    V1's Saber System - thoughts

    Thread Starter: agentoo8

    Yellow and Blue seem stalwart as always. Happy with the decreased BP drains, and the PB notifier. Red is initially going to be hard to use. SeV and I were talking about whether or not the apparent defence fix really negates the loss of stagger. Red is powerful, but has to be used carefully and -...

    Last Post By: Pluspy Today, 12:40 Go to last post
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